About Me

“I absolutely LOVE adventure
and the creative process.``

I really do love it! It thrills, frustrates, pushes, stretches and challenges me. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, hiking across the Grand Canyon, designing a logo, climbing Half Dome, writing powerful and image-rich copy, spending a week deep in the Amazon jungle in a village full of River People or just sketching for fun, it’s all incredibly interesting and totally fulfilling to me. There are few places I’d rather be than “out on the edge” and knee-deep in the wonderfully messy and exciting creative process.

I am a true “Aaron and Hur” personality type who is most happy working in the background, in support of visionary leaders and God-sized goals.

I am energized and fulfilled by using my creative talents to help tell the incredible story of what God is doing in the world and the power that has to shape and impact the lives of people both now and for eternity.

My wife Heather and I, along with our dog and best buddy River, currently live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, near our parents and 5 nieces. We both love to travel and spend time outdoors hiking, climbing and exploring. The longer the hike, the more remote the location, the more difficult the trail or beautiful the view, the more excited we are to go.

Our goal is to try to live everyday by our life’s motto:

“Make deposits in your memory bank.”

With over 15 years experience in graphic design and strategic branding and communication, there are very few projects I don’t have experience with. From large scale branding and communication efforts to strategic planning and event promotion and execution I am uniquely qualified to help you or your church or ministry develop, plan, and execute your branding and communication campaigns and initiatives.

Strategic Communication Planning, Corporate Identity Development, Logo Design, Page Layout, Brochure, Magazine, Direct Mail Design, Tee Shirt Design, Printing and Production, Event Theme Development.

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